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RummStudio Interpretive Design
art house for custom displays



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-Maps and Schematics

-Graphic Design

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RummStudio Mission

RummStudio creates interpretive exhibits that inform and inspire. Compelling art and content meaningfully engages visitors and reflects the true spirit of an area. RummStudio is committed to inspiring people toward a more harmonious relationship with the earth and all of its precious inhabitants.

RummStudio Interpretive Art and Design

RummStudio creates displays for state, county and federal parks and habitat restoration areas. Displays can be found in over 50 state parks in California, parks throughout the United States, and at the Wolong Panda Breeding Center in Sichuan China.

Artistic Approach to Interpretive Design

Founded in 2003, RummStudio is known for creating displays with strong artistic flair. The RummStudio approach begins with keen attention to client objectives and special qualities of the project area. Content is then developed using a thematic approach that contains a powerful message. The accompanying art drives that message home. Depending on the project, Faith works individually or organizes highly skilled teams to develop best results.

Past Works

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