"Nature is my studio" Faith

Connecting with Nature: One Painting at a Time


California artist Faith Rumm has been interweaving creativity and her love of nature since she was very young. As a child with a violinist mother, a mountaineer father and three brothers, backpacking, climbing, messy craft projects and playing music were all a normal part of everyday life. Later she worked in national parks as an interpretive ranger, and national forests as a wilderness ranger, always continuing with her art. Her eventual specialty as a natural history illustrator and interpretive designer grew directly from these roots. For many years, Rumm has used her considerable artistic talents to grace displays in national, state and regional parks across the U.S. and also in China.


Rumm says, " My romance with the John Muir trail began as a child - my parents spent their hard-earned vacations taking backpack trips with us four kids in the High Sierra.  As a family, we covered much of the John Muir Trail and other peripheral areas.  These trips set the stage for me as an artist later in life - on a quest - both captivated and captured by the grandeur, intimacy and mystery of Muir's amazing range of light. "

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"I paint with the selfish desire to constantly renew my own connection to the earth and it's creatures. Each piece I produce is not so much a landscape as it is a 'portrait of nature' — be it a grand scene, a storm, a cliff, a tree, a seashell or bird. It is a great gift to spend my life creating art from my source of inspiration, and share it with others."

Rumm's mural, "Nutrients for Healthy Pandas" at Wolong Panda Breeding Center in Sichuan China, as featured in National Geographic August 2016

RummStudio's Upstairs Gallery

Nestled in downtown Mariposa, a small town on Hwy 140, outside of Yosemite National Park, sits the historic building once called the Louvre Hotel back in 1890. Today the upstairs part of the building has become the RummStudio Upstairs Gallery. Here you can peruse art created by Faith Rumm and other excellent local artists. A wide variety of art is available, from cards and prints, to small "en plein air" paintings, to large-scale artworks.

"Think me not unkind and rude, that I walk alone in grove and glen. I go to the god of the woods, to fetch his word to men."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Faith Rumm

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