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Connecting to Nature, One Painting at a Time

"It's really very simple. I plan to spend the rest of my life expressing and sharing my interpretations of nature. The power, wonder and beauty of our planet speaks to me, and I must respond. I seek out the most beautiful places possible for my own sense of connection. Nature is the muse; art is my personal form of activism. We must remember over and over just how precious and vulnerable our earth is, and my work acts as a reminder. The beauty of the wild humbles me and prompts my appreciation, adoration and reverence for this world."

Artist Faith Rumm 

Prolific painter Faith Rumm grew up with a violinist mother, mountaineer father and three brothers. Family backpack trips helped to form her love of nature. She worked in national parks as an interpretive ranger, and national forests as a wilderness ranger. Her eventual specialty as natural history illustrator, interpretive designer and fine artist grew directly from these roots. RummStudio interpretive displays grace parks and protected areas throughout the U.S. and her fine art is collected worldwide. 

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