en Plein Air

painting outdoors on location

What is "Plein Air" Painting?

going out to play...


Painting "en plein air" began around 170 years ago with the advent of paint tubes that allowed pigments to be carried outside. This new ability helped to bring about a revolutionary shift in vision and style. Moving outdoors, Impressionist painters worked with entirely new perspectives and intentions.


Today, plein air painting has enjoyed a strong resurgence, reaching heights of popularity and becoming some of the most sought-after artworks of the new century.

Painting outdoors offers unique challenges and joys, Spontaneity and quick decision-making is a hallmark; plein air celebrates the beauty of the moment, light and mood.


Painting en plein air is challenging! Weather—strong wind, blasting sun, cold, rain, dust devils; at one point or another all plein air artists will encounter the elements, mosquitos too! Still, connecting directly to the source is a joy and trains ones' hands and eyes like nothing else. An indoor studio practice is inevitably improved by outdoor painting.

Plein air paintings are a great opportunity for collectors. Usually created in smaller formats, original works of art can be acquired by budget conscious collectors. 

In the past two pandemic years, Faith has produced over 200 pieces of plein air art, approximately 50 and some older pieces are still available!

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Rumm painting at Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, Washington

Plein Air Available August 2022