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Welcome to 

Out and About en Plein Air

 a Special Exhibit and Holiday Sale!

works by Faith Rumm

Hello and thank you for visiting! I am thrilled to share with you the fruits of my "en plein air" labors. Plein air means painting outdoors, negotiating elements and ever-changing light. Some call plein air a sport, I'm inclined to agree. 


There are eight exhibit rooms, to explore, click on the image. If you see a painting you like, click on it for further information. 

Discount pricing runs until Dec 23. In-state sales tax and shipping costs apply. Early birds get first pick!


Some pieces are framed, most are not. All are ready to hang.


Painting is my way of appreciating our irreplaceable natural world; I love to share that appreciation with you. It is my hope that these works bring you joy and inspiration to last a lifetime. Thank you!    —Faith Rumm 


Moods of Yosemite

I take every opportunity to paint in Yosemite National Park. I am so lucky to live nearby and witness  fluid light, changing weather,  shifting seasons, and put these expressions down in color. It is a true privilege.

BryceStormySkyLR copy.jpg

The Red Rocks Collection

In September 2020 the nearby fires created so much smoke in town that I packed my van and took off on an impromptu painting trip. I drove and painted for 17 days, stopping at places like Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion.


Casto Oaks Vineyard

and Vicinity

May, June and July 2020 a few of us gathered once or twice a week and worked at the beautiful nearby Casto Oaks Vineyard. This opportunity was a saving grace for us local painters during Covid. A big thank you to Kris Casto!


Painting in the Backcountry

I started a small group of women artists who love to paint in wilderness. Mules assist us in hauling canvases and paint supplies into the high country, where we enjoy friendship and an opportunity to paint the big peaks. 


Large Format Plein Air

Tahoe Area

Painting large on site is a big challenge, and often takes more than one consecutive session. This August 2020 I painted in the Tahoe area amid smoky skies.


The Waterfall Collection

Nothing is more soothing than the sound of running water. The flow is healing; whether a trickle or a pounding cacophony, have you ever met anyone who doesn't like waterfalls?


Out and About

in the Western States

A compilation of plein air pieces from my diverse travels.


Painting in Italy

In October of 2018 local artists friends and I travelled to Italy to paint and take in the sights. Here are some studies from that trip.

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